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Climbing Map Cuba - Pico Turquino Map

Climbing Map
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Product description Cuba - Pico Turquino Map
Recommended use:
  • hiking
  • Trekking, hiking
Literature region: Latin America

Climbing Map . a swiss team consisting of Sandra Greulich and Sacha Wettstei based on experience and the idea to develop thematic climbing maps of mountains with a high touristy importance. The end result is a topographic map with thematic content that is a superb help of orientation for mountaineers and trekking tourists.

The maps are mapped professionally designed in a similar style as the Swiss national maps. They are multilingual and even for novices easy to read.

The topographical copy of the landscape is as exact as possible. All available and exact information has been considered in professional topographical field work. Furthermore the maps also include important mountaineering- and geographic information.
There are graphically elaborate cards, which in addition to the topographical map image also beautifully designed photo view, overview cards and drawings, so that they are not only useful for tourists, but have a special souvenir value.

Cuba - Turquino map

Topographic hiking map, route profile, city maps: Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, Map 1: 1 million, revolutionary history, chronology, historical overview map

Climbing Map | topographic map | Edition 2012 | Scale: 1: 50,000 | UTM grid WGS 84 | Languages: English, German, Spanish

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